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Massage strong effect on the health and mood, especially if practiced regularly. Studies show that as many as ninety percent of disease is caused by stress. Massage is a great way to get rid of stress, and with the application of relaxing essential oils effect can be even better. Massage relaxes the body mentally and physically. If you are stressed treat yourself to a quality massage - it will surely provide relief. Choose the type of massage that suits you best.


Edit the hair in a modern and stylish way.
Empower yourself and your image with the help of our professional staff. Azzuro salon offers services of male and female hair cutting, coloring and hair care.


Hands, primarily nails, showing how women and men take care of themselves and what their lifestyle. Some things are always in vogue and so manicured and groomed hand. Manicure involves decorating nails and surrounding cuticle, causing nourishing creams and coating per customer A manicure is a beauty treatment in which use special tools, creams, oils, paraffin and massage to keep our hands and nails to be healthy and to look good. Manicure must improve the texture and health of our hands and nails, and they must also give a nice and polished look. The treatment takes about 30 minutes, and in addition can be selected nail polish, french varnishing or permanent varnish.


Express your personality, highlight the uniqueness and download power under Illamasquinih brushes makeup artists who will prepare you for any situation make-up, tricks and secrets that were previously exclusive world stars.


Azzuro salon services in addition to cutting also offers shaving beards. After shaving, your skin will be beautiful, smooth and supple. Come and see the quality of our services.


We offer solariums to anyone who wants it all year round with perfect color and complexion. In the pleasant surroundings of the salon, our professional and friendly staff will give you all the necessary advice on healthy and proper sunbathing.